Beast Kingdom MEA-033 Disney Pixar Alien Remix Party Round 2 Set (8 Pieces) Mini Egg Attack Figure

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Beast Kingdom
Toy Story’s Squeeze Toy Aliens (or Little Green Men) are once again dressed to impress, and they are here to join your collection!

Beast Kingdom’s class 3-inch Mini Egg Attack series presents the second generation dress up series for the Little Green Men: Alien Remix Party Round 2! The special selection of 8 characters from three Disney animated films puts the three-eyed creatures in an assortment of cosplay get-ups. The charmingly mischievous appearance of these animated characters is soothing and they will certainly be indispensable companions for you!

The series includes several familiar faces from the Toy Story series:

Rex, the video game fanatic tyrannosaurus
Hamm, the super resourceful wisecracking pig
Emperor Zurg, Buzz Lightyear’s sworn enemy
Bullseye, the friendly and carefree horse
Chuckles the Clown, Lotso the bear’s good friend
Wheezy, the squeaky penguin with a red bowtie

Of course, we have also included Mike Wazowski, the scare assistant from Monsters, Inc. And the set would not be complete without Dory, the optimistic and forgetful tang fish from Finding Nemo. Each character’s coloring and accessories have been exquisitely recreated so that the whole set will certainly catch the eye of the discriminating collector. Hurry up and add the Little Green Men to your collection and expand your alien universe!

For the ultimate experience, collect the entire MEA-033 set to be in with a chance of taking home a ‘Limited-Edition Hidden’ character. The most unique design will be taken home by only the luckiest of collectors. So make sure these Dress-Up aliens find a home and collect them all today!

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