Brother PT-D200KT Label Printer Brother Hello Kitty Label Maker Brother P-Touch PT-D200KT - 2 line Printer, 6-12mm Tape

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First-ever P-touch labeller with Hello Kitty character model

Specially designed for the personal purposes of a hobby and home applications, users have the flexibility of making labels with Hello Kitty symbols and frames. With a small footprint area, the PT-D200KT can be used to customize labels with inbuilt Hello Kitty designs, suitable for organizing personal belongings and stationery.

Wide Variety of Symbols and Frames

Ideal for the hobbyists to create beautiful labels with built-in Hello Kitty character model symbols and frames. (Inclusive of 34 Hello Kitty symbols and 22 Hello Kitty frames, on top of many other designs)

High-Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

Ideal for a wide range of work environments from manufacturing to retail, P-Touch laminated labels are designed to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, UV rays, industrial chemicals, and abrasion.

The versatile P-Touch electronic labeler can print on a wide variety of tapes, widths, and colors. Attractive labels can be created easily and quickly using built-in fonts, symbols and frames. P-Touch PT-D200KT can print on TZE laminated tapes that are durable and of high quantity. Built-in attractive Hello Kitty symbols and frames Labelling personal items can be fast and easy with P-Touch electronic labeller.

At Home
Organize CD, Photo albums, books, miscellaneous items clearly and neatly for easy storage.

Easy identification of stationeries.
Add a personal touch with attractive and durable labels on your belongings.

Say goodbye to mistakes.
Iron-on fabric tape enables clothing to be identified easily.

Organized kitchen ingredient and items easily and quickly.Time and date labeling helps to keep track of the food freshness

Keyboard QWERTY
LCD 15 char x 1 line
Cutter Manual
Types of Tape TZe Tape
Tape Size (mm) 3.5, 6, 9, 12mm
Print Speed 20mm/s
Print Resolution 180 dpi
Power Source 6 "AAA" size Alkaline Batteries, AC Adapter (excluded)
No of Built-In fonts type 8
Font Sizes 3 sizes
Framing and Fill Pattern 97 frames (Inclusive of 22 Hello Kitty frames)
Symbols 651 (Inclusive of 34 Hello Kitty symbols)
Character 859
Text Buffer Max 80 characters
Mirror Printing Yes
Vertical Printing Yes
Battery Weak Indication No
Auto Power Off Yes
Print Preview Yes
Repeat Print Yes, 1-9
Memory Up to 2,400 characters
Number of Lines Printable 2
Type Styles Normal, Bold, Outline, Shadow, Vertical, Italic, Italic Bold, Italic Outline, Italic Shadow, 3D / Solid, Italic 3D / Solid
Auto Format Features Yes
Dimensions (mm) 165 x 155 x 68 (mm)
Weight (g) 0.49kg
Warranty First 2 years Carry-in
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