Spider-Man: Egg Attack Action - Homecoming Spider-Man (Backpack) (EAA-051)

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EAA 051
Beast Kingdom

Special Features

- 6-inch tall high-mobility figure with up to 25 articulatory joints.

- Elaborately hand-painted to remake the brand-new settings as seen in the movie.

- Powerful magnet design on the back with brick wall stickers to simulate classic action scenes in the movie.

- Additional Four (4) pairs of replaceable palms (fist-making style, palm-opening style, silk-launching style, and wall-climbing style), Four (4) pairs of replaceable eyes (wide opening eyes, smiling eyes, frowning eyes, and sleeping eyes), and a pair of detachable web-wings and two strings of spider’s webs in special effects.

- Exclusive stand

- Special gift for pre-ordering: Backpack

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) is the first Spider-Man movie by MCU. Besides re-activating the story of Spider-Man, other avengers will join him.

Brand New Figurine from Beast Kingdom’s Egg Attack Action - EAA-051 Spider-Man: Homecoming is based on the suit and gears specially tailored by Iron Man for Spider-Man in the movie. In addition to the movability and elaborate painting found in all EAA figurines, Spider-Man: Homecoming has a more solid body. A mechanism featuring a hidden powerful magnet and the brick-wall backdrop sticker are designed to re-present Spider-Man’s climbing ability in the street for players to reproduce any scenes at will. 

Significantly enhancing the charm and fun of the figurine with additional accessories and features: four pairs of replaceable eyes enrich the look of masked Spider-Man. Along with the interchangeable hands, detachable web-wings, and coweb in special effects!

Special pre-order gift “Backpack” fits the hero-student role setting in the movie! Order now to get one!

Iron Man, the eye-catching supporting character in Spider-Man: Homecoming is awaiting to return to Beast Kingdom at the right moment! See you soon!

What's in the box 1 x Spider-Man: Egg Attack Action - Homecoming Spider-Man (Backpack) (EAA-051)
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